Symposion on
Evolution of Semantic Systems

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October 5-6th, 2007
Jena, Germany
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Important Questions

Please regard the following questions as possible points of reference for discussions during the symposium.
They sketch some problems of research in the evolution of semantic systems we already discussed internally,
but are by no means meant as guidelines for the lectures.
  • What are paradigmatic examples of semantic systems: formal languages, natural languages, programming languages, ontologies, the genetic code, neural nets, animal signal systems, computer systems, social systems?
  • Are there universal principlesof the evolution and organization of semantic systems?
  • Does there exist a rigid line of demarcation between semantic and non-semantic systems, or is the transition between both types of systems a smooth one?
  • Does the understanding of the evolution of semantic systems necessarily imply a naturalization of semantics?
  • Are current temporal logics powerful enough and suited to capture and express the very essence of the evolution of semantic systems?
  • What is the relation between the meta-level and the object level of theories on the evolution of semantic systems?


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update: August 1st, 2007 - Feel free to contact Stefan Artmann for further requests.